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      Shanghai - this bright pearl of the Orient, not only is China's most important science and technology, trade, finance and information center, but will stand as a global cultural atmosphere, a symbol of economic prosperity, international metropolis.
     Shanghai International Casting Exhibition has successfully held three sessions, the first metal from the metallurgical industry as China's most professional independent casting products exhibition, the exhibits cover the sand casting, investment casting, die casting and other areas, the number of exhibitors and the display size increased year by year, has been China's foundry industry essential industry event.
     Hoya exhibition organized by adhering to many years of experience in casting the show, our customers in 26 countries and regions, more than 300 media and industry work together; 50 million to establish a large family of professional tour operators foundry industry database, providing you from raw material to equipment to fair trade products, one-stop solution. Provide you with a more professional, high quality, fast and accurate service.
HOST:Shanghai Foundry Society
            Shanghai Association of Die Casting Technology
SHOW TIME:November26-28,2014
VENUEChina Shanghai International Exhibition Center
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Zoje Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd. Foundry Branch
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Chongqing Dajiang Millison Die-casting Co., Ltd.
Universal Electrical Machine Works Co., Ltd.
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Yuhuan Juli Machinery Factory
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Dongguan Ju Wang Hardware Products Co., Ltd
Changzhou Jingling Casting & Forging Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Yuhuan Zhonghang Mechanical Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Tongda Precision Casting Co., Ltd
Shandong Kaitai Metal Abrasive Co., Ltd.
Panyu Guang-jin Casting and Forging Co.
FAW -Foundry Co., Ltd
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二重精衡成功制造中冶南方慢速链式运输机 news

CNH Industrial N.V.(纽交所代码:CNHI/意大利证交所电子股市场代码:CNHI)和凯斯工程机械 (CASE Construction Equipment) 宣布投资 2400 万美元扩大在爱荷华州伯灵顿的生产规模,增加了一条 M 系列履带式推土机生产线。此次扩建将新增约 50 个全职就业岗位。筹备工作将于今年晚些时候启动,新生产线的建造预计将于 2015 年下半年启动。
  “凯斯推土机与伯灵顿很有渊源。”凯斯工程机械北美副总裁 Jim Hasler 说道,“在收购佐治亚州卡尔霍恩工厂之前,早期型号就在伯灵顿生产。我们的新型 M 系列推土机需求量很大,因此我们已计划好在生产转移的同时确保供货。”
  M 系列推土机目前产地为卡尔霍恩工厂,而随着公司其他生产工厂的完成,其将于 2015 年第三季度关闭。
  将生产线转移至爱荷华州符合 CNH Industrial 的长期战略,这样可以优化制造场所,并使企业运营更加紧凑、灵活,为全球 CNH Industrial 各品牌客户提供一流的服务。生产转移事宜将要根据所有州、地方政府激励与赠予的完成和批准情况而定。
  新的生产设施包括一条新的专用涂装生产线、焊接和电脑数控 (CNC) 加工设备以及一条专用装配线。伯灵顿工厂目前拥有 600 多名员工,自 1937 年起就为 CNH Industrial 各品牌制造机器。除生产凯斯工程机械以外,还生产凯斯农机 (Case IH) 和纽荷兰 (New Holland) 农机。


Exhibition Info  



Schedule and Venue
Show time:November26-28,2014


HOST:Shanghai   Foundry   Society

Shanghai Association of Die Casting Technology


Venue: China Shanghai International Exhibition Center


Exhibition Scale:
10, 000 ㎡ and as many as Hundreds of exhibitors are expected


Scope of exhibiting:
1、Casting of Cu,Al, Zn,Mg alloy and other non-ferreous alloy, mould, stainless steel casting.
2、The cylinder cover of Automobile,motorcycle, hub,automobile engine organism, cylinder and casting parts
3、Casting for general use such as , pump,valve, electron,computer,lighting,electric appliance,electric tools,furniture ,etc.
4、Casting for machine tool, textile/garden/agriculture machinery and civicism project ,elevator, hardware cast etc.
5、Casting raw materials:Cu/Al/Zn/Mg alloy ingot.
6、Casting materials: mould release agent, precoated sand, furane resins, curative agent , lubricant, refine agent , zircon sand/powder,etc.


Exhibition charges:
Brand hall:minimum area of 36sqm
Overseas exhibitors:(USD) $3000 /booth/9sqm (USD) $300/sqm for bare area
(USD) $4 /sqm constructing administrative fee in exhibition area)
Product release conference, seminar USD 650/section (120mins)

The official catalogue will be beautifully printed with A4 art papers(210mm×285 mm)and distributed to exhibitors and visitors. Enterprises are welcomed to make advertisement of the or by other ways. The details see as follows:


 Admission ticket:USD2500/20000pcs
Inside front cover/inside back cover:USD2500 
Back cover/marked page USD2000
Color page: USD1000
Press kit:USD3750/5000pcs

Procedures of participation:
1、Post or fax the application to our company after fill in and seal it.
2、Exhibitors must remit the exhibiting expenditure into the account of our company and fax the bill to our company in one week after receiving the stand confirmation.
3、The contract will be putting into effect officially after our company receive all the expenditure from exhibitors. The exhibitors mustn’t sublease or loan their stand to others by any way.
4、The location of stand will be allotted according to the date of application and the size of stand.


1、 Advertise in the related authoritative magazines in Germany, the United States,UK, South Korea,India,Russia,Japan etc.
2、 Report and advertise consecutively by local TV station, publication, and newspaper.
3、 Send 300,000 visiting tickets to target customer free of charge by the purchaser inviting department of our company.
4、 Hand out of the leaflets about the exhibition by the local professional association (academy), embassy economic section of foreign countries in China and the international relevant organization in China.
5、 Hand out of the leaflets in the relevant exhibitions domestic and abroad.


1. Help exhibitors arrange the conveyance of exhibits.
2. Help arrange the lodging and ticket for exhibitors in prior and preferential.
3. Help the exhibitors open the news release meeting and trade meeting on site.
4. Invite the domestic and international expert hold the forum of high level profession.
5. Help the exhibitors collect the concerning market information and data.
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